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16 Aaron, Red Society Elite by XaalisArt 16 Aaron, Red Society Elite by XaalisArt
Well finally after time consuming test games and thoughts I came to this final design and chose :iconthemovieman37:'s Aaron Rage to be the first Card representing it.

New thing that were added are :

- Race: In this case 'Human' so you can classify your heroes and built theme decks. Though this is more for the player himself so he just gets some knowledge about his cards ;)

- The Marksman, Brawler and Guardian Smybols on the top, as well as the color shemes remain but are getting changed in meaning.
From now on who was a...
  Brawler before, fights now under the sign of Sanguin. (lat. for Blood)
  Marksman before, fights now under the sign of Caelum. (lat. for Sky)
  Guardian before, fights now under the sign of Gaia.

- I also added, you could call them 'Classes' that show the fighting or supporting style of the heroes. Some examples are:
  XY Element Avatars,
  Berserkers and more.
  The classes will add an even more strategic invironment for future deck builders and will help understand the heroes fightingstyle better.

- Last but not least we have a rarity counter, displayed by 3 golden stars in the lower right corner of each card.
  As you can imagine the more stars the card have the better it is. Unlike wretched money grabbing games like Yu-Gi-Oh!, the rarity will actually mean something.
  So cards with strong stats and abilites will be more rare (should be obviously though).
  I havent decided what I will call the rarity levels by now, the old fashioned : Common, Uncommon, Rare or maybe Common, Rare, Super Rare.
  But I like the idea of just calling them like 1 Star Card or 3 Star Card. I like the ring it has :)

Well that should be it for the moment, the first Season called 'A NEW ERA' will be a bit larger than the first 56 cards I made because Aaron and some other fresh new cards ;) 
will make it into there to. So I think we should have about 70 cards in the first series. Enough to build a base for upcoming updates and cards, of which (honestly speaking)
I have soooooo freaking many in my sketches and my mind, I really dont know when to do them xD

If you find my game interesting and would like to support me, just give me a +watch and comment on my cards what you like and what you dont like so I can gather input from outside of my family/ friends.
Also I will starting a request for the second series in the future where I will feature artworks from many different and awesome artists from deviantArt! 

Until then, have a good one ;)
themovieman37 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Filmographer
Thanks for letting my chracter be apart of  you game, it's a real honor!
themovieman37 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Filmographer
Whoa man this is freaking amazing! :D
XaalisArt Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Student Interface Designer
Really glad you like it man :)
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August 29, 2014
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